Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Xmas Wish List #1


Boots: Topshop
Cut out Body: Urban Outfitters
Chanel Nail varnish: 515 Peche Nacree
Chanel: Coco Noir 
Chanel lipstick: Excentrique
Velvet Maxi: Asos
Velvet Mesh Body: Dirty Pretty Things
Chanel Blush: Rose Ecrin
Body: Love

Christmas is fast approaching! and I always use it as an excuse to buy more luxurious items!
A definite on my list is Chanel Coco Noir. I tested it on my skin today. From the bottle, the scent is very intense and 'grown up', a classic Chanel, and on my skin, the perfume settled out perfectly. Any perfume may smell different on another person as everyone has there personal scent, I love how that works out!
I also bought a Chanel lipstick in Excentrique, a perfect tangerine!
I can't wait until christmas, it really is an excuse to add glamour to your wardrobe.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mini haul

Jeans: BDG
Velvet crop: American Apparel
Striple Turtle neck: American Apparel
Coat: Vintage
Watch + Bracelet @ Urban Outfitters

As a poor student I shouldn't be buying anything more than bread and cheap carbs, but alas I have been gradually spending on goodies.
Winter is such a cosy month and I hate the cold! The turtle necks look really stylish tucked into high waisted jeans with ankle boots. I'm trying to be practical with my purchases and mix and match them, although I can foresee my spending heading towards a lot of velvet and glitter for christmas!

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Newly purchased Vintage suede and fur coat!
From Starfish Vintage in Brighton Laines

Today I went to a small vintage fair with my flatmate. It was a chilly walk and this coat kept me so snug. I'm so pleased with it! It was £80 but compared to current retail coat prices (which are ridiculous!), I think I got a good deal for what it is. It's my vision of the 'perfect' winter coat.
My jeans are american apparel high waist, and I practically live in them.
My boots are really old mens clarks boots. I didn't realise this however, I thought they were vintage until I got home and my mum told me they were 'Clarks' whoops.