Monday, 21 January 2013


A few of my favourite pictures from the disposable camera I just developed. 
(Kodak ultra compact)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Chanel Rouge Allure

     No. 96 - Ecentrique         No. 98 - Coromandel

I wear these lipsticks during the daytime and have no problem with that whatsoever! The rouge allure lipsticks from Chanel are a soft and creamy yet intense texture. They're definitely worth the investment at £25 a tube. I find that the colour stains my lips for an ultimate long lasting wear. The lipstick doesn't budge at all and the colour stays put. They're a semi matte finish although I dab my lips with tissue paper and reapply for a bolder finish.

I highly recommend this range. They also come in a range of deeper reds and burgundies. 

Next on my list is the rouge allure velvet collection!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mini Haul

Some bits and pieces made up of christmas presents and recent sale bargains!

For christmas I got the new chanel perfume, coco noir! personally it's my favourite scent of theirs bet although, it's going to be difficult to tell when it's running out as the bottle is completely black and not translucent in the slightest, eek.
I also got a chanel lipstick: 96 Ecentrique. A bright tangerine, I love it!
In the sales I also bought myself the black Zara top which is mesh and covered in black glitter beads as well as a little white lies blouse with a cape effect on the sleeves and the tarten scarf is h&m!

The ring was a 'get well' present from my boyfriend as I recently shut my hand in 
a fire door and it wasn't very pretty! 
Its made up of two tones of amber stone encased in sterling silver. Ive been wearing it every day I love it! :)

I bought these bought upon impulse in the topshop sale.
Originally £110, I got them for £56 (with student dis.) which is pretty amazing!
They're crocodile skin leather with suede inserts, a buckle and silver pin studding at the rim of the sole.
The cuban heel adds to the ladylike feel I get when walking in these!

Olivia x

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Accessories wish list

A mini post on some current accessories I am drooling over (quite literally)

Vivienne Westwood small envelope bag £250
Atalanta Weller clay black side zip boots £220
 Waiting for the sun 19.6G Naturel Sunglasses £110

I have been lusting over this bag for many months now and I can't see it belonging to me until my birthday next summer!
The boots are so essential and practical, yes i could find a replica pair for a fifth of the price but why would i want to do that!
Classic round glasses with a natural tinted lens. perfect for spring when it does come round again.
Why must every key accessories i want always be so painfully expensive!??!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Xmas Wish List #1


Boots: Topshop
Cut out Body: Urban Outfitters
Chanel Nail varnish: 515 Peche Nacree
Chanel: Coco Noir 
Chanel lipstick: Excentrique
Velvet Maxi: Asos
Velvet Mesh Body: Dirty Pretty Things
Chanel Blush: Rose Ecrin
Body: Love

Christmas is fast approaching! and I always use it as an excuse to buy more luxurious items!
A definite on my list is Chanel Coco Noir. I tested it on my skin today. From the bottle, the scent is very intense and 'grown up', a classic Chanel, and on my skin, the perfume settled out perfectly. Any perfume may smell different on another person as everyone has there personal scent, I love how that works out!
I also bought a Chanel lipstick in Excentrique, a perfect tangerine!
I can't wait until christmas, it really is an excuse to add glamour to your wardrobe.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mini haul

Jeans: BDG
Velvet crop: American Apparel
Striple Turtle neck: American Apparel
Coat: Vintage
Watch + Bracelet @ Urban Outfitters

As a poor student I shouldn't be buying anything more than bread and cheap carbs, but alas I have been gradually spending on goodies.
Winter is such a cosy month and I hate the cold! The turtle necks look really stylish tucked into high waisted jeans with ankle boots. I'm trying to be practical with my purchases and mix and match them, although I can foresee my spending heading towards a lot of velvet and glitter for christmas!

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Newly purchased Vintage suede and fur coat!
From Starfish Vintage in Brighton Laines

Today I went to a small vintage fair with my flatmate. It was a chilly walk and this coat kept me so snug. I'm so pleased with it! It was £80 but compared to current retail coat prices (which are ridiculous!), I think I got a good deal for what it is. It's my vision of the 'perfect' winter coat.
My jeans are american apparel high waist, and I practically live in them.
My boots are really old mens clarks boots. I didn't realise this however, I thought they were vintage until I got home and my mum told me they were 'Clarks' whoops. 


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mini Haul!

I've been at university for over 2-3 weeks now and have done some cheeky Brighton shopping. There's so much variety, all my desires seem catered for! I'm hoping the next three years here will be an exciting journey.

My first purchase were the American Apparel high waist jean in medium wash. They are so 90's i just love them. At £70 they are the most expensive pair of jeans I have owned to date but certainly the best...and my bum looks killer in them.

I went to the Student lock in night in the shopping centre where selected retailers offered big discount for us. It was ridiculously busy and one girl fainted, fell on her face and lay there passed out with blood streaming down her face, all in a days shopping! 

Urban outfitters haul! 
A tartan mens scarf at £16 and black raw edge levi's £32 bringing out the autumnal side of me. 
The black polka dot playsuit is cut out, i'm optimistic but willing to cooperate, I just hope the cold weather doesn't affect me wearing it! 
The Sessun jumper was originally £110 and after sale and discount I got it for a ridiculous £9. I couldn't believe my luck. It's such a quirky little thing and I love the short sleeves and tie waist detail.

Topshop high leather boots! These were £70 but well worth the splurge. They have not yet given me blisters so are already in my good books! They're so on trend and I'm able to wear them with so many things, such a versatile winter piece!

I'm not usually a winter wardrobe girl but I'm definitely excited this year. 
Heavy knits and humungous scarves will be on my wish list if my bank balance agrees.........

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Weekend Photos

Friday, 31 August 2012


**Perhaps not quite dressed for sunny weather!**

I gave in and got the blazer I wanted a couple of posts ago! It's so comfortable and goes well with loads, pretty chuffed! A not very exciting black and grey outfit but to my taste! My blazer was paired with a grey marl sara t shirt with PVC sleeves, faded black jeans, leather topshop loafers and bag and accessorised with sunglasses and a thick choker! I curled my hair into ringlets at the very ends, it looked adorable! Having shorter hair has been a god send, I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. Even thinking of getting it cut shorter, so it's thicker and wild!
I went to get some lunch with my bf as it was such a lovely day. I did originally have a navy cashmere jumper underneath too, but the heat was too much, so off it went!