Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mini Haul!

I've been at university for over 2-3 weeks now and have done some cheeky Brighton shopping. There's so much variety, all my desires seem catered for! I'm hoping the next three years here will be an exciting journey.

My first purchase were the American Apparel high waist jean in medium wash. They are so 90's i just love them. At £70 they are the most expensive pair of jeans I have owned to date but certainly the best...and my bum looks killer in them.

I went to the Student lock in night in the shopping centre where selected retailers offered big discount for us. It was ridiculously busy and one girl fainted, fell on her face and lay there passed out with blood streaming down her face, all in a days shopping! 

Urban outfitters haul! 
A tartan mens scarf at £16 and black raw edge levi's £32 bringing out the autumnal side of me. 
The black polka dot playsuit is cut out, i'm optimistic but willing to cooperate, I just hope the cold weather doesn't affect me wearing it! 
The Sessun jumper was originally £110 and after sale and discount I got it for a ridiculous £9. I couldn't believe my luck. It's such a quirky little thing and I love the short sleeves and tie waist detail.

Topshop high leather boots! These were £70 but well worth the splurge. They have not yet given me blisters so are already in my good books! They're so on trend and I'm able to wear them with so many things, such a versatile winter piece!

I'm not usually a winter wardrobe girl but I'm definitely excited this year. 
Heavy knits and humungous scarves will be on my wish list if my bank balance agrees.........


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