Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Bought this black halter body from American Apparel a few days ago and i'm in love! It fits like a dream. It is a deep V and having quite small boobies, I was relived that it didn't expose me in a nasty way. It's so comfortable and versatile, I only wish the weather would stay bright so I could wear it more. With student discount I bought it for £19, which is reasonable (for AA) i think. 
Halter/ HERE

My skirt is Topsop. A chiffon maxi with high slits either side. I love the paisley print mixed with check and diamond prints. Instead of a mini skirt slip underneath, there are mini jersey shorts which is so much more practical, especially when the wind blows. It was £48 
Skirt/ HERE


  1. That skirt is awesome. Checks + paisley sounds like such a weird combo but actually looks really good.


  2. Just come across your blog, love it now following x